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Troy Douglas Carr Memorial Scholarshiphip

 Troy Carr History and Purpose:

Troy Douglas Carr graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in the spring of 1992 and received his bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. After graduation, Troy joined the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement (A.L.E.) and settled in Fayetteville, N.C. On the morning of May 14, 1994, Agent Carr was tragically shot and killed in the line of duty. He was only 24 years old.

Agent Carr's family and friends have established a scholarship fund in his memory.

Troy Douglas Carr Memorial Scholarship Award Recipients

Lisa C Osmundsen 1994-1995

Scott Livengood 2002-2003

Caroline Sferruzzo 2011-2012

Walter James McDonald 1995-1996

Jasper Smith 2003-2004

Tyler Michael McCarty 2013-2014

Matthew C Causey 1996-1997

Michael Casey 2004-2005

Travis Musselman 2014-2015

Brian Dwight Powers 1997-1998

Wilbert Artis 2005-2006

Brian Louis Wilson 2015-2016

Michelle L Ashmus 1998-1999

Jeff Desjardins 2006-2007

William Michael Scarbrough 2016-2017 

Mandy Louise Difelice 1999-2000

Brendan Roth 2007-2008

Gabriella Holdridge 2017-2018

Natasha Markovich 2000-2001

Adonicca McAllister 2008-2009

Cole River Gray 2018-2019

Kristin D Grigerick 2001-2002

Kevin S Whitley 2010-2011

 Troy Douglas Carr Memorial Scholarship Announcement

Department of Sociology and Criminology


The Department of Sociology and Criminology invites all criminology majors to apply for the Troy Carr Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is in recognition ALE agent Troy Carr (UNCW Class of '92) who was killed in the line of duty in May, 1994. One recipient will be awarded a scholarship of $900 for the fall 2018 semester and $900 for the spring 2019 semester (estimated). Students who are majoring in criminology or criminal justice are eligible. Applicants are required to complete an application form. Application forms are available online: 

This Scholarship has been awarded. Please check back next spring for fall 2019 & spring 2020 applications. 

Troy Carr Application 

Selection Criteria

Recipient will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • The award is available to a rising junior or senior pursuing the BA degree in Criminology.
  • The student should possess a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • The student must demonstrate the potential and character to serve the people of North Carolina in a law enforcement career.
  • The student must also show a history of volunteer involvement with law enforcement groups.
Application Requirements

Applicants should submit the following items to the department office:

  • A completed application form
  • A 500-750 word essay based on the following prompt: Tell the selection committee about yourself, your volunteer and community service work (including any work with a law enforcement agency), and how the Troy Carr Scholarship will further your academic and career goals.
  • A recommendation letter by an active or retired law enforcement officer from North Carolina
  • Evidence of financial need, if applicable, but not required
  • Supporting documentation recommended but not required

Selection Process

The scholarship committee may ask for a brief interview with final candidates and will announce the recipient of the scholarship.