Simulation Learning Center

Operating Room/Emergency Room Laboratory

The Operating Room/Emergency Room Laboratory has been designed to support student learning of patient care provided in the specialty areas of OR and ER. The OR includes one OR table, one ceiling mounted power column, one dual head ceiling mounted surgical light, 2 instrument tables, 2 mayo stands and 2 kick buckets. The impervious floor design allows for simulated body fluid splashes and an Anteroom (2019) with pass through cabinets and a knee operated sink replicate a simulated OR environment. This lab can also be converted to an ER as the learning needs of students require.

Pan-tilt cameras and microphones located above the OR table allow AV capture and recording from both the observation room and the remote control room.

Operating Room/Emergency Room Observation Room (2018) has 4 operator chairs, mounted desk counter for simulator control equipment, talkback microphone and monitor loudspeaker to OR/ER Lab and flat panel display.

OR OR/ER Lab Simulated Surgical Equipment
OR/ER Lab Simulated Surgical Equipment OR

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