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Frequently Asked Questions

How was I chosen for the Seahawk RISE program? The Seahawk RISE program is for students from rural counties in North Carolina. Those counties are defined as rural by the State of North Carolina.

I’ve been accepted to the Seahawk RISE program. What is next? Keep checking your UNCW email! This will be our main form of communication. More information will be sent to you throughout the 2018 spring semester and summer.

How do I access my UNCW email? Accounts are created upon acceptance to UNCW.Username is your first, middle and last initial followed by four random digits. Look up your username. Email address is your (i.e.,

When does Seahawk RISE take place? Students arrive on campus, prior to the general study body, on August 14, 2018 for an early start. Opening activities last until August 17, 2018; however, the Seahawk RISE program continues through the academic year.

What is the cost? The cost is free. During the opening week, we will be exploring Wilmington, so you may want some pocket money to buy extras, but it is not required.

Are meals provided? From August 14 until August 17, campus dining is closed. During this time, students in the Seahawk RISE program are provided three meals a day. Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions. You will likely want to bring snacks. Starting the night of August 17, campus dining locations open and students need to use their OneCard for meals that they purchase on a meal plan. Click here for information about meal plans.

Where do students live? Students in Seahawk RISE will reside in the Cornerstone Residence Hall. For more information about the residence hall and for a virtual tour click here

How are roommates assigned? Can I choose my roommate? Seahawk RISE participants reside together in a reserved section of Cornerstone and are assigned a roommate at the time of acceptance. Students are required to stay in that living space for the academic year.

What should I bring for Move-In? Suggested and prohibited items from Housing and Residence Life are listed here.

Should I register for a special Summer Orientation? We recommend signing up for the earliest orientation time possible; however, realizing that travel can be difficult, you can register for any Summer Orientation here. Please sign up now so that you can take advantage of Early Registration for classes! We will register you for the two required courses for Seahawk RISE and you can add courses around those.

When will I register for fall courses? All students register for courses during Orientation, but if you sign up for Orientation early, you can take advantage of Early Registration. This is recommended! Do you want to be able to sign up for classes before Orientation? If so, please sign up for Orientation as soon as possible and you will have an opportunity to complete early registration. You will receive an e-mail from University College with further instructions when you meet the deadline. You will still meet with an Academic Advisor at Orientation to look over and revise your schedule, if necessary.

What programs and activities will I attend? Seahawk RISE students move to campus on August 14, 2018. We have a Welcome Dinner in the early evening for students and their families or friends who help them move to campus. From August 14 until August 17, participants will take part in a variety of events, such as becoming familiar with the campus, getting to know the local community (And the beach!), exploring majors, interacting with Peer Mentors, getting to know your fellow Seahawk RISE peers, learning tips on how to be successful during your time at UNCW, and many more! We will continue taking part in interactive, helpful, and fun programs throughout the school year. All programs during the Seahawk RISE Welcome Week are required in order for the student to remain in the program, the special courses, and the reserved Seahawk RISE section of Cornerstone residence hall.

What is the Welcome Dinner? This is a special event on the day that you arrive, August 14, where we will celebrate your arrival to UNCW! Your parents, siblings, guardians, or whomever is helping you move to UNCW is invited to attend. Please keep checking your UNCW email account for more information, including an RSVP.

Should I bring a vehicle to campus? Students are allowed to have cars on campus within certain guidelines, and those are subjected to change. If you do bring a vehicle to campus, you will not need it during the early start time from August 14 to August 17, as you will be occupied with program events. For more information about student parking permits and guidelines, click here.

Can I work a part-time job while in the Seahawk RISE program? During the academic school year, you can have a part-time job. However, you will need to be free during the week of August 14, 2018 until August 17, 2018. This is the Seahawk RISE program Welcome Week and attendance at all events are required.

What requirements do Seahawk RISE courses fulfill? Students will take UNI 101- First Year Seminar, which is a required course for all first semester students at UNCW in order to graduate. In addition, Seahawk RISE students will also take LED 211- Principles of Leadership. This particular course will help you develop leadership skills, get to the 124 hours required for graduation, and can also count towards a Leadership minor.

How will I wash my laundry? Laundry facilities are provided in all residence hall areas and use of equipment is included in room rates. You will need to purchase laundry detergent. For more information about Housing Amenities, click here

How does mail services work on campus? Seahawk Mail post office is located in the Fisher University Union and is where parcels are delivered. For students living on campus, the campus box serves as their official campus address and the only mailing address. You are automatically assigned a mailbox and it is typically located in or near your residence hall. For more information, such how to address packages, click here.

How do I obtain my student ID (OneCard)? New students should submit their photo online to the UNCW One Card Online Photo Submission found in MySeaport prior to orientation. You can pick up your card at Orientation. If you register for the August Orientation that occurs after Seahawk RISE begins, we will organize a time for you to pick up your card. For more information on how to submit your photo online, reference our One Card Photo Submission Guide. For more information about OneCards: How do I get my UNCW One Card?