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Properly 'Cancel' a Class

Send an email to all students in the class notifying them that the class will be cancelled. CC the Dean’s office with your notification. The Dean’s office will forward the notification of the course cancellation to the Assistant Registrar for Catalog and Registration to remove the students from, and cancel the course
  1. Go to SSASECT.  Work backwards to cancel the course.
  2. Next Block 4 times.
  3. Remove the Instructor record.  SAVE.
  4. Go to the Meeting Dates tab.  Remove the meeting time record.  SAVE.
  5. Go to the Section Enrollment Information tab.  Drop the enrollment to 0.  SAVE.
  6. Go to the Course Information tab.  Change the Status from A=Active to C=Cancelled.  SAVE.
  7. Uncheck Print, Gradable, and Voice Response and Self-Service Available. SAVE.
    SSASECT Cancel Class
  8. This will be your department’s documentation that it was offered, and then later cancelled.