Banner Student Course Building Manual

Table of Contents

Building OAP Courses

  1. SSASECT    Course Section Information
    Section Numbers:
    • 800-825 Extension Lecture
    • 826-849 Extension Labs
  2. Campus: EXT
  3. Instructional Method: OLASY
  4. Part of Team:  (Select from AP1, AP2, AP3, AP4, AP5, AP6)
  5. Voice Response and Self Service Available:  Checked  (Will display course in SeaNet)
  6. Tuition and Fee Waiver:  Checked (Important for Billing if this is not checked then Student will be billed at OAP and Distance Ed Rates)
    SSASECT OAP Settings
  7. SSASECT    Section Enrollment Information>Enrollment Details
    • Set Enrollment size and Waitlist to desired size.
      SSASECT Set Enrollment and Waitlist
  8. SSASECT  Meeting Times and Instructors>Meeting Dates
    • Meeting Type: Clas
    • Instructor: Instructor percent of responsibility must equal 100%
      SSASECT OAP Meeting Times and Instructors Meeting Dates
  9. SSASECT Meeting Times and Instructors>Meeting Location and Credits
    • Building: ONL
      SSASECT OAP Meeting Times and Instructors>Meeting Location and Credits
  10. SSADETL Degree Program Attributes
    • Attribute: OAP (Used for Billing)
      SSADETL OAP Attribute - Used for Billing
  11. SSARRES Student Attribute and Cohort
    Student Attribute Restrictions:
    • Include: Checked
    • Attribute: OAP (This will only allow students with an OAP student attribute in SGASADD to register for this course).
      SSARRES Include OAP Attribute