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University Planning and Quality Council


December 12, 2002 Meeting

Members Present: Dr. Paul Hosier, Ms. Ann Beach for Dr. Michelle Howard-Vital, Dr. Jo Ann Seiple, Mr. Lawrence Clark, Dr. Karen Wetherill for Dr. Cathy Barlow, Dr. Terrence Curran, Dr. Lynne Snowden, Dr. Stephen Harper, Dr. Thomas Schmid, Dr. Denis Carter.

Others attending:
Dr. Jim Dragna, Dr. Kenneth Spackman, Dr. Becky Porterfield, Ms. Mini Cunningham, and Robert Fry.

Dr. Hosier chaired the meeting in the Chancellor's absence. He called the meeting to order at 3:40 pm and declared a quorum was present. The minutes for the November 12, 2003 meeting were approved as circulated.

Special Report

Annual SACS meeting

Dr. Spackman reported on the new accreditation guidelines, specifically the addition of "Quality Enhancement Plans" to the criteria. The university will need to create a plan that focuses on the improvement of some service or program. A coordinating committee composed of the Chancellor, Provost, Planning Director and SACS liaison will need to be established once a new Chancellor takes office in July. This Committee will verify that the university is taking the steps necessary to conform to the new criteria.

Dr. Spackman reported that UNCW's accreditation was reaffirmed at the December SACS meeting. The Chancellor will receive a letter in January asking for a follow-up report on a few items. One of the items is related to the campus' effort to evaluate the budgeting process. The plan for this evaluation requires the campus to complete one review cycle. Our response to this request will be due back to SACS in April. The results of the substantive change review for the Business School Alliance is unknown at this time. The PhD substantive change was approved and the university can now officially admit students into this degree program.

Planning Items

Continuing Discussion on Learning Communities

Mr. Fry stated that a discussion on learning communities had taken place during the past week. The focus of this meeting was to decide how to effectively continue the learning community discussion on a wider scale. The leadership changes that will take place during the next several months will make the discussions both important and difficult. A definition of learning communities as it pertains to a university community has yet to be determined. It was suggested that the Council spend some studying the issues surrounding the concept. An approach for conducting this study will be proposed at the next meeting.

Board of Trustee

Board of Trustees will focus on enrollment growth at its January retreat. Along with size, the Board will also review issues related to diversity, space limitations, technology, and funding.

Miscellaneous Issues

The President of Cape Fear Community College was elected a Commissioner at this year's SACS meeting. Discussions with CFCC staff indicated that there is continuing interest in sharing data on the performance of community college transfer students. Data may not be shared on individual students but may be released on an aggregate basis. Community colleges are hoping that the results of this data sharing can be used to show how effective they are in preparing students for junior and senior level course work. Dr. Carter is already working with Community Colleges on some of these issues.

Being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:03 pm.

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