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April 23, 2007

Members Present: Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo, Provost Paul Hosier, Dr. Ron Core, Mr. Steve Demski, Dr. Debra Saunders-White, Dr. David Cordle, Dr. George Schell (for Mr. Larry Clark), Dr. Cathy Barlow, Dr. Kris Walters (for Dr. Virginia Adams), Dr. Robert Roer, Dr. Mike Walker, Dr. Rob Burrus, Mr. Bob Russell, Mr. Max Allen, Mr. Mark Lanier, and Dr. Kenneth Spackman.

Others Attending: Ms. Sharon Boyd, Ms. Lisa Castellino, Dr. Terry Curran, Dr. Kemille Moore, and Ms. Kay Ward.

Provost Hosier called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm.

The minutes of the March 28 meeting were approved as posted on the Web.

Dr. Spackman explained that the anticipated fall 2007 initiation of an Ed.D. program in educational leadership will entail a modification of the UNCW mission statement in order to maintain compliance with SACS requirements. A complicating factor is the hold that UNC-GA has placed on revision of constituent institution mission statements until a new system-level planning process is in place. UNCW's most recent mission revision, approved by the Board of Trustees in April 2005, has been awaiting Board of Governors approval for nearly two years. Dr. Hosier has been in contact with Vice President Mabe concerning this matter, but no decision has been made on the extent or timing of a change in UNCW's mission statement. The Planning Council agreed that, when we are permitted to make a change, the preferred language is to replace the phrase "...a doctoral program in marine biology..." by the phrase "...selected doctoral programs..." Chancellor DePaolo inquired how sister UNC comprehensive institutions describe multiple doctoral programs in their mission statements. [Subsequent to the meeting, it was determined that, while there is no comparable precedent among UNC institutions of a university offering two or three doctoral programs, Appalachian State, Fayetteville State, North Carolina A&T, and Western Carolina all mention existing doctoral programs by name in their mission statements.]

Provost Hosier reintroduced the effort, initiated at the March 28 Planning Council meeting, to create a "vocabulary of quality" for UNCW by envisioning what our campus would look like if it were of demonstrably higher quality. Four subcommittees were assigned at the previous meeting to examine the various components of the Strategic Plan, and articulate the meaning of quality as it pertains to words and phrases contained in the plan. The leaders of each of the four groups distributed printed copies of their work, and summarized their subcommittees' suggestions. One common theme emerged: as UNCW matures as an institution, we shouldn't lose sight of our hallmarks-those things we already do well. However, because the groups took quite different approaches, there is a need to consolidate the findings of the four reports. Provost Hosier will contact individuals or groups to merge the reports so that the Planning Council can take a second look at the articulation of quality at the May meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 pm.

Future Meetings (At 3:30-5:00 pm in AL 215)

Wednesday May 9

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