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April 22, 1999 Meeting

Members present: Dr. Marvin Moss, acting chair, Robert Walton, Dr. Jo Ann Seiple, Dr. Virginia Adams, Ms. Pat Leonard, Dr. Robert Tyndall, Dr. Terrence Curran, Patton McDowell, Ms. Ann Beach for Dr. Michelle Howard-Vital, Dr. Neil Hadley, Dr. Howard Rockness, Dr. Richard Veit, Ms. Sue Cody, Dr. Carole Tallant.

Others attending:
Dr. Melton McLaurin, Ms. Mimi Cunningham, Bobby Miller, William Vereen, Ms. Nancy Jones and Robert Fry.

The minutes of the March 18, 1999 meeting were approved as published on the web.

Academic Programs to be submitted on May 10th to General Administration

Dr. Moss report on six academic programs being submitted to General Administration for approval to plan. The following list is in priority order: 1) Ph.D. in Marine Biology, 2) Masters in Public Administration 3) Master in Business Information System, 4) BS in Creative Writing, 5) BA in Film Studies, and a 6) BA in Community Health Education.

SAC Update

Dr. McLaurin summarized the contents of a letter from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) concerning the up-coming self-study process. The university has decided to follow the standard self-study approach during this cycle. The Association requests that all planning activities associated with the fall 2000 self-study implementation be completed during the up-coming academic year. The university will need to have in place the steering committee and appoint a chair during the next several months. Our SACS contact, Ms. Donna Wilson, will be visiting the campus during the next few months to discuss the initial phases of the process and the organization's expectations throughout the self-study period.

Report on Technology Division

Dr. Tyndall provided an overview of the division including purpose and vision statements, current organizational structure and some key objectives to be accomplished during its first year of operation. Bobby Miller, Director of the Office of Information Systems, reviewed the current plan to update the campus' wiring and electronic infrastructure using the $1.6+ million allocated during the last legislative session. All plans are to be approved by General Administration prior to implementation. Concern was expressed over wiring the Fieldhouse (new home for Small Business and Technology Development Center) and the Press Box while not responding financially to the needs in the residence halls. The Council was reminded that funding allocated in this first phase is to be used for non-residential building only. Second phase funding is expected to include residential facilities. Mr. Miller reviewed the process to be followed during the infrastructure improvement process. Concern was expressed over the selection of the Social and Behavioral Sciences (S&BS) building and James and Cameron Halls as the first facilities to receive upgrades. He responded that these buildings were selected because they represented the worst (S&SB), the least complex (James) and the best (Cameron) from a wiring and infrastructure standpoint. By completing these three facilities, the university expects to gain considerable knowledge that can be applied to future renovations. The Provost asked if Randall Library was considered in this first phase. Mr. Miller indicated that the decision on these three buildings could be changed but that the process needs to move ahead as quickly as possible. It was also pointed out that this funding is far short of the total required to make all changes that are needed.

Proposal to Expand Student Service Space (University Union)

Vice Chancellors Walton and Leonard reported that the Board has approved a proposal to expand the University Union to meet the growing needs of the campus community. Once approved by the legislature, the campus will hire an architect to begin design work. This expansion would accomplished with no student fee increase.

Need for Administrative and Service Facilities

Mr. Fry reviewed the need for additional administrative and service space to accommodate the projected student enrollment increases. He indicated that the Facilities Committee, which reports directly to the Chancellor, has been studying this issue for the last several years. A web page will be created to provide Council members and others with an opportunity for input into these discussions.

OIR Survey Activities and Planning Issues

Mr. Fry referred to the list of spring OIR surveys shown on the agenda. By using the Internet, he was able to show real-time tallies to some of these survey. He also showed a number of other options that are available through the OIR and Planning homepages.

Mr. Fry emphasized the need for more Council discussion of critical issues that the university must consider in its strategic planning process. By using the "Issue Identification" menu item on the Planning homepage, he hopes to involve Council members and others in the beginning phases of this discussion.

Facilities Issue

Dean Seiple expressed concern over proposed expansion of the library student-computing lab. The loss of existing office space will have a significant impact on her ability to house graduate students, the graduate computing lab and new faculty expected to take positions this fall. Dr. Moss and Mr. Fry will speak to the Chancellor about this issue.

Next Meeting Date

The next meeting: June 8, 1999, Alderman 215 from 3:30-5:00 PM.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM.

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