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VI. Recommendations for Arboretum Development

Develop a strategic plan

  • Create a list of priority goals/date for implementation

Design a standard graphics system for the arboretum to include the following:

  • Logo
  • Interpretive graphics to identify gardens and trails and also to hold maps/ brochures. These graphics should explain the garden character, identify features, list research in progress and any special events in the garden as well as highlight recent additions to the garden.
  • Flexible temporary signage for special events

Develop marketing tools to include:

  • Brochure to use as a vehicle for donations and recruiting volunteers
  • Landscape plan renderings for presentations
  • Slide show for presentations

Procure funding

  • Campus operating budget
  • Endowments and donations

Increase public awareness of the arboretum

  • Develop relationship with public gardens and professional garden institutions
  • Increase awareness as an educational facility; study children's educational programming
  • Team up with the Extension Service for workshops
  • Interact with local garden centers and nurseries
  • Sponsor professional landscape gatherings on the campus
  • Develop lecture program at the University related to arboreta

Hire top quality staff and recruit volunteers to get the job done

  • Determine immediate needs for permanent staff
  • Develop projects for student internships which would benefit the arboretum
  • Increase Student/Faculty involvement
  • Acquire assistance from plant societies, local arboreta, garden clubs and botanical gardens