Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography

Faculty and Student Research

Areas of Specialization

Atomic Physics
Charge exchange in atomic collisions; response of atoms to intense electro-magnetic fields; atomic structure studies; autoionization.
Professors Alexanian, Davis, Moyer

Marine and Climate Sciences
Physical oceanography; general ocean circulation; air-sea interaction and climate; global distributions of sea surface salinity; ocean observing systems; coastal fluid dynamics and large-scale coastal morphology; coral reef ecology; sea ice and land ice, ice-climate interactions
Professors Bingham, McNamara, MorrisonWagner

Mathematical Physics
Nonlinear wave equations; complexity theory and chaos; coupled human-environmental dynamical systems; general relativity; geometric methods for pde's; numerical analysis; generalized transforms, tipping points in the Earth system
Professors Herman, McNamara, Wagner

Nuclear and Particle Physics
Low energy few-nucleon systems; hypernuclear physics; quantum chromo-dynamics; string theory.
Professors Black, Gan, Olszewski, Daniels

Physics Education
Instructional technology; general physics pedagogy.
Professors Black, Herman, Moyer