Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography

Faculty and Staff


Dylan McNamara, Associate Professor DL 211 (910)-962-2588


Moorad Alexanian, Professor DL 216 (910)-962-3463

Frederick Bingham, Professor

CMS 1019 (910)-962-2383

Timothy Black, Associate Professor

DL 214A (910)-962-7607
Timothy Daniels, Assistant Professor DL 202A (910)-962-3454
Brian Davis, Professor DL 207 (910)-962-3469
Liping Gan, Professor DL 201A (910)-962-3583
Russell Herman, Professor DL 203 (910)-962-3722
Dylan McNamara, Associate Professor DL 211 (910)-962-2588
John Morrison, Professor CMS 1021 (910)-962-2333
Curt Moyer, Professor
Edward Olszewski, Professor DL 206 (910)-962-3464
Evan Scott-Pollock, Lecturer DL 117
Till Wagner, Assistant Professor DL 223 (910)-962-7587

Emeriti Faculty

  • Hildelisa C. Hernandez, Associate Professor Emerita
  • Marvin Moss, Professor Emeritus
  • Rolla Clayborne Nelson, Assistant Professor Emeritus


  • Debra Harrison, Administrative Associate, DL 210, (910)-962-3462,
  • Yvonne Marsan, Laboratories Manager, DL 111, (910)-962-2108,

Physics and Physical Oceanography Organizational Chart

Natural science, does not simply describe and explain nature; it is part of the interplay between nature and ourselves. - Werner Heisenberg