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Michaela Howells and Jennifer Le Zotte are conducting research on student responses to the AIDS quilts displayed on campus, as part of UNCW Material Culture. Please consider incorporating the AIDS quilt and student responses into your course as part of extra credit or "regular" credit assignments. The quilts will be displayed on campus through March 31.

Michaela has set up a professional development Canvas page (AIDS Quilts: Teaching, Research, and Activism) for faculty and staff to easily access relevant material, including possible surveys/questionnaires for students. This material is also available in Canvas Commons and people are welcome to incorporate any of this material in their classes.

If you are interested in participating, please add your name to this communications list!AIDS Quilts - Intergrating into Classes.xlsx

Please feel free to share this information widely with other UNCW colleagues.

If you have any questions after looking through the amazing materials Michaela has compiled on the Canvas site, please email either Michaela ( or Jennifer Le Zotte ( We really appreciate your help on this! 

We hope you consider participating!