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Business Administration - Human Resource Management

People are a company's greatest asset, and managers should take proactive steps to keep their workforce satisfied and motivated. The HR option equips students with the skills needed to maximize the efforts and productivity of human resources through recruitment and retention, organizational design, training and development, diversity, performance management, and assessment. The option provides courses recommended by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) to sit for the national certification exam.

What is Human Resources Management?

Every organization has people, which means every organization needs Human Resources (HR) professionals. HR helps manage and develop the people in an organization. Sometimes called "Personnel" or "Talent Management," HR is the function in charge of an organization's employees, which includes finding and hiring employees, helping them grow and learn in the organization, and managing the process when an employee leaves. Human Resources takes care of people from the time they're interested in the organization to long after they leave.

Typical HR responsibilities are focused in major areas such as recruiting and staffing, compensation and benefits, training and learning, labor and employee relations, and organization development. Most HR professionals have experience in one or more of these specialty areas. These areas all deal with helping employees in an organization perform more effectively and satisfactorily on the job.

(Source - Vault Online Career Library, 9/07)

The Business Administration Program and the Cameron School of Business are dedicated to the education and preparation of students to become effective leaders in business, stressing strategic and innovative approaches to solving business problems. As the business world transforms itself from the industrial age into the information age of tomorrow, the Cameron School of Business is focused on the technical, analytical, and interpersonal skills students will need to lead this fundamental change in the business world through the first half of the 21st century.

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