UNCW One Card

UNCW One Card Terms and Conditions


The University of North Carolina Wilmington (“UNCW”) One Card is the official identification card for students, faculty, staff, and sponsored guests. The UNCW One Card may be required to access university facilities and campus sponsored events. The cardholder may also elect to associate stored value accounts in order to initiate financial transactions at campus locations. 

Terms and Conditions

I. Property of UNCW

The UNCW One Card is the property of UNCW. Upon request from any UNCW official or security personnel, the cardholder is required to provide their UNCW One Card. Improper or fraudulent use may result in confiscation of the card. Upon termination of employment, the cardholder must surrender their One Card. 

II. Obligation to Report Lost or Stolen Card

The cardholder is obligated to report a lost or stolen UNCW One Card as soon as possible to the One Card Office (910.962.3560) or Campus Police (910.962.2222). Additionally, lost or stolen cards may be reported online at: https://busaff.uncw.edu/auxiliary/suspendonecard/Index.cfm

The cardholder is responsible for paying any applicable replacement fee with the reissuance of a UNCW One Card. If a card is reported as stolen and the cardholder provides a copy of the related police report and/or case number, there will be no charge for the replacement card.

III. Misuse of UNCW One Card

The UNCW One Card is not transferable and contains financial value (if applicable), privileges, and security access. The cardholder is responsible for the upkeep of the card and should not allow any other person to use the card for purchases or access, nor alter the card in any manner. Improper care of the UNCW One Card may result in damage to the card and impact its ability to access data, which may be subject to a replacement card fee.

IV. Fees

There are fees associated with the initial issuance and reissuance(s) of a UNCW One Card. These fees and methods of payment are based on a user’s classification. One Cards issued and reissued to students may be billed to their Student Account. The amount of these fees and accepted payment methods are published online at: https://uncw.edu/onecard/procedures.html

If a One Card must be replaced because it is determined by the One Card office to be defective, there will be no replacement card fee associated with the issuance of a new One Card.

V. Proof of Identity

A valid designated government issued photo ID, such as a current driver’s license, passport, military ID or state issued identification card must be presented when obtaining a UNCW One Card (either initial or replacement). 

VI. Refund of Eligible Account Balances

All refunds are subject to a $30 Administrative Fee.

The UNCW One Card Office will automatically refund eligible account balances (Seahawk Bucks and Bookstore Dollars) to the student account for graduates, and when a student officially withdraws from the university. Further information on Student Account can be referenced here: https://uncw.edu/studentaccounts/refunds.html

Other unclaimed inactive account balances not refunded as outlined above, are subject to the Escheatment and Unclaimed Property Law of North Carolina (N.C.G.S. 116B-53). The university will attempt to contact the cardholder at the last known address. If attempts to contact the cardholder fail, the remaining unclaimed balance (less the Administrative Fee of $30), will be sent to the North Carolina State Treasurer’s Office.


Reviewed May 10, 2021