Institutional Research and Planning

For Faculty and Administrators

This page serves as an information portal for UNCW faculty and administrators regarding data on their department, college or school. Please click on the bullet below to access datsets for your respective area. As we further develop our data warehouse we will continue to add to the list of offices that can access user-specific information. For department chairs in need of SPOTs for RPT processing, please click on the request data link at the bottom of the OIR homepage to submit your request for information.


  • Salary Analysis, 2006-07 PDF / XLS
  • Salary Analysis, 2005-06 PDF / XLS
  • Salary Analysis by Gender, 2006-07 PDF / XLS
  • Salary Analysis by Gender, 2005-06 PDF / XLS
  • Salary Analysis by College/School, Fall 2007-2009 (New Format) XLS
    • Fall 2007 PDF
    • Fall 2008 PDF
    • Fall 2009 PDF
    • College/School Combined Years PDF
    • College/School Totals PDF