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Currently Teaching Online

  • I am currently teaching online and I have concerns if my students are learning
  • How do I ensure that my online students get the optimum learning experience from my course(s)?
  • How do I get to know my students better in the online world?
  • How can my students get to know me better in the online world?
  • How do I ensure that my students do not cheat when I administer tests, exams and quizzes online?
  • How can my students become more engaged in my course(s)?

Have any of the above thoughts crossed your mind as you teach online? If yes, your friends at Distance Education and eLearning can work with you to help make changes to your course design and delivery and get you on a path that will reward both you and your online students with an enriching learning experience.

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Learn more about the services that DEeL offers to all UNCW instructors

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Training Workshops

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Best Practices and Templates

Access to research and templates related to online learning. This page is coming soon

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Learn more about ADA, Universal Design for Learning, and Accessibility

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Quality Matters

UNCW is a QM institution. What does that mean? Click here!

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