Office of the Dean of Students

Student Conduct

Our Philosophy

The basic philosophy and approach to student conduct at UNCW is one of education, focusing on student learning through individual growth and accountability of behavior. Our goal is to help and encourage students to be successful.

We recognize that "good people make poor choices." Part of our role is to help educate our students to make better choices. The conduct process and sanctions for violation of rules and regulations are designed for guidance or correction of behavior and to protect the rights of other students within the university community, rather than for punishment.

Students in violation of university policies may have an administrative hearing or a hearing before the Campus Conduct Board which is made up of students and faculty (except during times when the board is not in session, like university breaks or examination periods). Students who have questions about policy violations or the conduct process are encouraged to stop by the Office of the Dean of Students.

Our Expectations

The rules and regulations for UNCW students can be found in the Code of Student Life (PDF). We have an expectation that our students will read it and become familiar with our community standards - we want them to know and understand the Code.

It's also important for students to hold each other accountable. Peer pressure is not always a negative concept.

We also expect that our students ask for help when they know (or sometimes don't know) that they need it. The Office of the Dean of Students is an excellent first place to start with questions, concerns, or issues.

Submit an Incident Report

The Office of the Dean of Students at UNC Wilmington administers the UNCW Code of Student Life, which identifies behavioral expectations for all students on and off campus.  Please use this form to notify the Office of the Dean of Students of any alleged violations of the Code of Student Life.

Once an incident report has been received, the Office of the Dean of Students will investigate and make a determination of whether or not to pursue any further action.  Please know that you and the witnesses you identify in the report might be contacted by the Office of the Dean of Students for further information about the incident.

If you have any questions about filing an incident report, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 910.962.3119.

To file an incident report, please click here.