Update: Coronavirus Impacts

Saturday, March 14, 2020

This message is being sent by the Office of University Relations on behalf of various campus units.

Dear Campus Community:

We are awaiting guidance from the UNC System as to the potential impacts of Gov. Cooper’s Executive Order, announced late this afternoon and shared just before 6 p.m. today, concerning the closing of NC’s public schools for the next two weeks; and the mandatory limit of 99 attendees or fewer for events. We will share more details as soon as they are available. At this time, students remain able to return to their residence halls as of 10 a.m. tomorrow (Sunday). We will send a confirmation of this by 7 a.m. tomorrow, but we have no expectation that it will change. Students: When considering your return date, please remember that online/alternate instruction will not begin until Monday, March 23, and student services will be limited during the extension of spring break (the Rec Center is closed until further notice, campus dining is operating under reduced hours, etc.). You may be more comfortable remaining where you are for the extended break, so we continue to encourage students to wait until next weekend to return, if at all possible. Employees: We expect to have additional guidance for you (including our DC Virgo employees) on Monday, March 16, regarding possible campus impacts. Thank you all for your patience as we continue to assess this new development.