Native American Studies Minor

Courses and Requirements

Core: Nine (9) hours from the following departments: Anthropology, English, History.

ANT 304 South American Indians or ANT 305 North American Indians

ENG 356 American Indian Literatures

HST 336 American Indian History to 1900 or HST 337 American Indians after 1900.

Electives: Nine (9) additional hours from

ANT 304 or 305

ANT 215 Anthropology of Native Americans

ANT 307 New World Archaeology

HST 336 or 337

HST 338 American Indian Wars

P&R 350 Native American Religious Traditions

Other appropriate courses may satisfy the elective requirements if approved by the coordinator. Please note that at least six (6) of the nine (9) hours must be at the 300 or 400 level. Such course might include HST 485, Topics in Latin American History, for example, if the focus is on pre-Columbian civilizations or colonial rule. Directed Independent Study hours (ANT 491, ENG 491, HST 491) might also fulfill requirements for the minor.