M.S. in Marine Science

Geography and Geology Faculty

  • Dr. Doug Gamble: Climatology, hydrology
  • Dr. Joanne Halls: Geographic Information Systems
  • Dr. Andrea Hawkes: Natural hazards in temperate and tropical coastal zones using a multi-proxy approach to develop modern and ancient earthquake, tsunami, tropical cyclone, and sea level reconstructions
  • Dr. Eric Henry: Coastal hydrology, water resources
  • Dr. Patricia Kelley: Evolution and paleoecology of Coastal Plain molluscs, including escalation of predator-prey relationships from the Cretaceous through Recent
  • Dr. Chad Lane: Late-Quaternary paleoclimatology of the circum-Caribbean, paleolimnology, stable isotope geochemistry of biogenic carbonates and sedimentary organic matter
  • Dr. Richard A. Laws: Biology and paleontology of marine phytoplankton and microphytobenthos
  • Dr. Lynn A. Leonard: Dissolved and particulate fluxes in estuarine systems; depositional processes and evolution of tidal wetlands; sediment dynamics in estuarine systems

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