M.S. in Marine Science

MMS Courses

Three (3) of the following core courses are required.
All four may be taken, and students planning on continuing on in a Ph.D. program should take all four core courses:

  • PHY 475/575 Physical Oceanography (3)
  • GLY 550 Marine Geology (3)
  • BIO 564 Biological Oceanography (3)
  • CHM 575 Chemical Oceanography (3)

Students will also be required to take:
  • BIO/CHM/GLY 501 (2) Methods in Scientific Research
  • MSC 595 (1) Graduate Seminar
  • BIO/CHM/GLY/PHY 599 (3-6) Thesis

Students, after obtaining approval from their advisory committees, may select courses from the following list, or others as appropriate for the individual student's background and research interests. This list of courses, along with others as appropriate, intentionally includes a broad selection from the sciences, mathematics, statistics, ethics, law, economics and management, in accordance with National Academy of Sciences recommendations to increase versatility in graduate education.