Military Affairs

Veterans Affairs Work-Study Team Members

Shandi BlackShandi Black, Marketing Coordinator
US Air Force, Aircraft Loadmaster, 2012-2014
Bachelor of Science in Public Health: Community Health Education, Fall 2018
"I love living on the coast. I'm an avid scuba diver, lover of all dogs, and traveling!"

Corey ClickCorey Click, Student Spotlight Coordinator & SVO President
US Marine Corps, Motor Transport Operator, 2008-2015
Bachelor of Science in International Studies, Fall 2019
"I am always looking forward to taking on new challenges that are presented. I believe in the one-team-one-fight and that practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practices lead to perfection."

Nicholas CochranNicholas Cochran, Executive Administrative Assistant
NC Army National Guard Medic, 2015-Present
Bachelor of Science in Biology, May 2021
Enjoys cooking, coffee, and the Chi Phi Fraternity.

Zachary HahnZachary C. Hahn, Graduate Student Liaison
US Coast Guard Machinery Technician, 2013-Present
Master's Certification in Geographic Information Systems, Fall 2019
"I am an earth scientist with a passion for the outdoors. I'm biking and swimming whenever I'm not in the lab. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the UNCW community and the opportunity to learn from those in it."

Eleanor NesimogluEleanor Nesimoglu, Social Media & Communications Coordinator and Team RWB Liaison
US Marine Corps, Radio & Digital Multi-Channel Wide-band Transmissions Equipment Operator 2011-2015
Bachelor's in Arts Creative Writing, Fall 2018
Eleanor is the SVO secretary, RWB Social Director, writer, cook, and an environmentalist.

Jay RichardsonJonathan Richardson, Event Coordinator & Community Outreach
US Marine Corps Machine Gunner, 2012-2016
Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology, Minor in Cybersecurity, May 2020
Jay is an avid hiker, amateur photographer, and animal lover.

Jamie WebbJamie P. Webb, Special Projects & Grants Coordinator
US Army Medic, 2011-2014
Bachelor of Science in Biology, May 2018
Jamie is a member of the SVO and the iMESA lab. She enjoys fishing, kayaking, and reading.