Where are they Wednesdays: Stories of UNCW Spanish Alumni

Brittany (Pickell) Hernández - Spanish BA, Class of 2009

Why did you study Spanish?

I knew since high school that I would major in Spanish in college because I was fascinated by the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world and I was determined to be bilingual. UNCW's program didn't disappoint; I was able to get the right mix of language, literature, culture, and service learning, all while immersing myself in the Latinx community in Wilmington.

How do you use Spanish now?

I am currently an ESOL Specialist with the School District of Manatee County in Bradenton, FL and support more than a dozen schools to ensure their ESOL programs are in compliance and that teachers have the tools they need to support English Language Learners. I use Spanish to communicate with students, parents, and colleagues. Being bilingual has been essential to my work and marketability, and I have used Spanish in all of my varied job positions since graduation, from teacher assistant to high school Spanish teacher to college access non-profit employee. Spanish is a huge part of my personal life as well; my fiancé and I speak Spanish at home and are raising our baby to be bilingual, too!