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Course Evaluation Reporting

Faculty members now have the ability to run their own course evaluation reports! No longer will faculty need to contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to run your reports as they now have immediate access to all their course evaluation information. It is recommended that faculty members save and store their course evaluation reports at the end of each semester/term, particularly in preparation for RTP and PTR applications.

Faculty should save all the information including the detailed course reports and summative results for the RTP and PTR processes. When accessing your course reports, faculty will have the option to “Print Reports”. While faculty should save the detail of course evaluation results to your computer, faculty will also need to do a couple of extra steps to print out “Ratings of Summative Questions” for the RTP and PTR process.  For these processes, the adjusted averages and the raw averages are needed to be printed out and stored for the following summative scores received:

If Using Diagnostic Feedback

  • Summary
  • Progress on Relevant Objectives
  • Ratings of Summative Questions

If Using Teaching Essentials

  • Combined Averages of Summative Ratings
  • Overall, I rate this instructor an excellent teacher.
  • Overall, I rate this course as excellent.

Additional directions and an Excel Template for creating Summary Tables are provided below.  The directions give a step-by-step process to identify the scores you will need for the RTP and PRT processes.

For RTP and PTR applications, faculty can save your results two ways. The optional MS Excel spreadsheet allows faculty to record summative scores and separate out the terms where course evaluation scores are optional (i.e., Table 2).  Or faculty can take screen shots of this summative screen report and save each screen shot as a combined PDF document.

For recent crises, Faculty Senate deemed the following terms as optional for sharing your course evaluation summative scores as part of the RTP and PRT application process:
  • Fall 2018 (Hurricane Florence) 
  • Spring 2020; post-spring break  03/14/2020 (COVID-19)
  • Fall 2020 (COVID-19)
  • Spring 2021 (COVID-19)


Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness at UNCW

Formal evaluations of a faculty member's teaching effectiveness include peer evaluations, student evaluations, and documentation of relevant teaching activities. The process includes, but is not limited to:

  1. On-going self-reflection
  2. Course evaluations for every course, every semester
  3. Observations
  4. Portfolio and presentation development

UNCW Support for Student Ratings of Instructions



Quick-start Guides for Instructors

Access printable PDFs of the Help files.

  1. Adjusted Scores
  2. Interpreting Reports
  3. How to Access Your IDEA Web Report 

Helpful Videos

Understanding Student Ratings of Instruction Webinar:

About Adjusted Scores Video: