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Change the TIDES: Collaboration for the Greater Good

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington was founded in 1947 as Wilmington College. Born of the desire of local citizens to have an institution of higher education that was responsive to the needs of the Southeastern North Carolina region, six subsequent decades of growth have elevated UNCW to membership in the UNC system and current status as North Carolina’s coastal university. Throughout its institutional life, UNCW has remained steadfastly committed to its original community-oriented purpose through engagement in health, education, the economy, the environment, marine, and coastal issues, and the arts. We believe these efforts help to Change the TIDES in our region.

UNCW is embarking on an initiative to continue to change the TIDES in southeastern North Carolina. UNCW’s Change the TIDES initiative is a university and community collaboration for the greater good.

What does TIDES mean?

The acronym TIDES stands for Talent, Innovation, Development, Engagement, and Social Impact. Change the TIDES will utilize the resources of UNCW to improve the quality of life, health, education, and employment for the people of our region and their communities. We’re committed to the greater good and will use resources from all corners of the university and work with our partners to continue to change the TIDES.

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UNCW’s Campus-to-Community Efforts Earn APLU Innovation & Economic Prosperity University Designation - November 6, 2022

In recognition of its strong commitment to economic engagement, the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) designated the University of North Carolina Wilmington an “Innovation & Economic Prosperity University.” The national designation acknowledges public research universities working with public and private sector partners in their states and regions to support economic development through a variety of activities, including innovation and entrepreneurship, technology transfer, talent and workforce development, and community development. (more)

Dr. Blake Ushijima

Dr. Blake Ushijima and Team Featured in New OUR-produced Research Video - January 25, 2022

The current focus of the lab is on stony coral tissue loss disease, a devastating coral disease that is decimating reefs across the Caribbean. Along with collaborators at various universities, government agencies and the Smithsonian Institute, they are investigating the cause(s) of SCTLD as well as the development of probiotics to treat diseased corals. The end goal of improving the current treatment strategies is to slow or stop the spread of this disease before it can damage additional reefs. (more)

NC Bioneer Logo

NC Bioneer Venture Challenge - 2022

UNCW is sponsor and partner in the 2022 NC Bioneer Venture Challenge. The North Carolina Biotechnology Center launched this life-sciences-based, innovation-focused venture challenge to raise the profile, increase the volume, and enhance the successes of life science commercialization, innovators, entrepreneurs, and companies in every region across North Carolina. (more)