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Book Authored by Department of History’s Thomas R. Hart Honored by Printing Industry of the Carolinas

A book commemorating UNCW’s 70th anniversary year was recognized by the Printing Industry of the Carolinas, the regional trade association for print manufacturing in North and South Carolina. 

Giving Flight to Imagination: 70 Years of Excellence
, written by lecturer of history Thomas R. Hart, won a Special Judges Award at the PICA Awards banquet on March 24. The competition, in its 52nd season, is one of the most prestigious printing contests in the nation.

The book captures the moments, images and milestones as Wilmington College grew into UNCW. Copies are available for purchase at the UNCW Bookstore or through their website.

Cambodian and Vietnamese Highlanders Conference, Feb 3-4 2018

The Cambodian and Vietnamese highlanders lived self-sufficiently in the forests before their way of life was challenged by the French colonial administration, the new Cambodian nation state, the Vietnam War, the Khmer Rouge régime, and globalism.

Panels will discuss their unwritten language, ancient history, the devastating effects of the Vietnam War, and their relocation to North Carolina.

Participants will include:

Sylvain Vogel, Royal University of Phnom Penh (retired)

Ladan Rahlan, Jarai refugee who relocated to North Carolina in 2005

Larry Crile, former Green Beret and author of Bunard: Diary of a Green Beret

Y-Duen Buondap, former member of FULRO who relocated to North Carolina in 1992

Ron Copley, UNCW professor and former Green Beret

Peter Maguire, founder and chairman of Fainting Robin Foundation and author of Facing Death in Cambodia

Sara Colm, historian, human rights researcher, and author of Repression of Montagnards: Conflicts over Land and Religion in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

Y Siu Hlong, executive director of the Montagnard Dega Association in Greensboro, N.C.

Sun Bujri, a Bunong refugee who resettled in North Carolina in 2002, she graduated from UNCW in 2017 with a BA degree in Psychology and International Studies.

Becky Butler, UNC Chapel Hill

Kevin Doyle, former editor of the Cambodia Daily

Scott Juall, Professor of French, UNCW

Cambodian HIghlanders Conference is presented by UNCW Department of History and the Fainting Robin Foundation 

Full details and schedule of events can be found here

UNCW History Graduate students win prizes

Current graduate student, McAllie Danielle Givens, has been awarded a scholarship from Daughters of the American Revolution Stamp Defiance Chapter.  

Recently graduated UNCW history grad student, Dave Evans, awarded Historical Society's Cashman Prize. Dave Evans currently attends the University of Connecticut where he was awarded a prestigious scholarship to complete his PhD in the history department.

UNCW History Professor, Monica Gisolfi, on NPR's Coastline

UNCW History Professor, Monica Gisolfi, appeared on NPR's local broadcast "Coastline" to discuss the meaning, role, and place of Confederate monuments in Wilmington and the South in general. You can hear the recording of the broadcast and read additional content here.