Residence Hall Association


There are plenty of resources offered to you through RHA!

RHA Executive Board

Remember you can always come to an Executive Board member for help or advice when planning a program or putting on an event in your area

Resource Rooms

You can find paper, di-cuts and many other art supplies in the Resource Rooms located in Graham Hewlett and Keystone House. Contact an RA or an RC to allow you access into the room

RHA Office

We also have many craft supplies in the RHA office for you to use. Contact an E-board member and we will allow you access into the room.

Your Assistant Residence Coordinator

Your ARC is a great resource. They are always there to help you come up with ideas to plan and carry out your programs

Other Area Councils

Don't be afraid to collaborate with other Area Councils on campus to plan a program!

Other Orginizations

Collaborate with other orginzations such as CARE, Crossroads, CLES, the Upperman Center and many more can help enhance a program!