HON 110 students, wearing matching shirts, jump for a photo in the amphitheater on campus.

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Cultural and Co-Curricular Activities

    As a first-year Honors student, you must participate in and report on cultural events and activities (3 in the fall) to remain in good standing in Honors. This will be discussed in your HON 110 seminar.

    Honors students are usually some of the most involved on campus. They tend to join and lead student organizations (even founding some themselves) and attend community events ranging from local concerts to museums to the aquarium.

    Honors purchases tickets to many local cultural attractions, from the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra to comedy shows and plays at Thalian Hall. Stop by the office at any time to check what tickets we have available and claim yours for free.

    You can learn more about cultural events, community events, and student organizations with these pages:

    If you want to receive credit for attending a cultural event, make sure to clear the event with your HON 110 instructor first.

  • Service Activities

    Volunteers hoist a plank of wood in what appears to be a demo or building activity.

    In the fall semester of the first year, Honors Scholars are required to participate in two service activities for a minimum duration of 4 hours total. This will be discussed in your HON 110 course. We hope that you will continue in the spring semester and beyond.

    You can learn more about cultural events, community events, and student organizations with these pages:

    If you wish to propose your own volunteer experience or service project for credit, make sure to clear it with your HON 110 instructor first.

  • Social Activities

    A group of students pose with the letters "UNCW" outside of Cornerstone Hall.

    Honors faculty, staff, and students put together many different social events every year, ranging from spaghetti dinners to symphony outings to camping trips and more. Here are a few of our favorite flagship events, but you can keep up with the full list by following us on Facebook or Instagram or checking the Honors Events page on Wavelink.

    Pizza With Professors

    At least once a semester, professors and students come together in the Honors lounge to eat pizza and hang out. The events are usually themed by discipline—pizza with science professors, pizza with arts and humanities professors, etc.

    Annual Honors Tea

    Every September during the Family & Alumni Weekend, we host a little reception for current students, Honors alumni, faculty, staff, and other friends of Honors.

    Spring Speaker

    Each spring, Honors sponsors a distinguished speaker to give a lecture in Lumina Theater in February. Honors students have the opportunity to meet with this guest, have dinner with them, and otherwise learn more about the guest’s area of expertise.