Honors mentors

Honors Mentors

Honors Mentors (HMs) are advanced Honors Scholars who want to facilitate the transition from high school honors student to UNCW Honors Scholar. Honors Mentors are each matched with a section of students in honors freshman seminar. Through engagement in honors freshman seminar experiences, including course content delivery, service and cultural activities, HMs help the new students make connections with the Honors community and UNCW. HMs will be chosen based on academic, leadership and interpersonal skills. HMs are expected to be involved in the honors community, and to be progressing in their own Honors requirements. We expect the mentors to model the honors community experience at UNCW. They will also work closely with the honors area RAs. HMs are chosen based upon their involvement, interpersonal, academic, and leadership skills. APPLICATION


  • Must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University
  • Must be in good standing with the Honors College
  • Must be available for ALL Mentor Training Sessions (one before the end of Spring 2018 and one in August the day before move in). August training will include a session with other Peer Mentors.
  • Must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student at time of application
  • Must be available to attend ALL Honors Mentor meetings- may be weekly in the Fall
  • Must have completed HON 110
  • Must live on campus during the Fall 2018 semester

Honors Scholars Mentor Responsibilities

Honors Scholars Mentors will:

  • Provide support for honors freshmen through programming and outreach
  • Facilitate the adjustment of new honors students to UNCW through the introduction of campus services, academic resources, campus involvement opportunities
  • Share knowledge and resources about UNCW
  • Serve as a role model and mentor
  • Coordinate with honors RAs for activities and programs
  • Meet weekly during the Fall with HON 110 instructor
  • Email your students at least once a week during the Fall semester
  • Set up a time to meet individually (or in pairs) with your students at least once before fall break
  • Offer to meet with students in a group at least once a week for first half of fall semester
  • Attend HON 110 at least once a week (1230 to 145, TR)
  • Help organize panels and discussion topics in HON 110 as needed
  • Assist Honors freshman in meeting their cultural and service requirements
  • Plan and implement a class-wide service project
  • Participate in Honors Beach Sweep
  • Attend the Albert Schweitzer Honors Scholars ceremony
  • Attend the HON 110 Holiday Reception
  • Participate and promote the Honors First-Year Seminar Reading Program
  • Participate and promote the University Common Reading Program
  • Participate in Freshmen Convocation
  • Volunteer during Freshmen Move-In
  • Volunteer during UNCWelcome (if this exists)
  • Attend Spring and Fall Trainings
  • Have fun being a mentor!

More information:

Contract & info sheet

Terms Of Employment

  • This position term will end at the end of the Fall semester.
  • Must be a full-time student for Fall
  • Must maintain good academic standing with the Honors College
  • Must maintain a good disciplinary standing (being found responsible for any violation of the Student Code of Life may constitute termination)
  • Must fulfill all Honors Mentor Responsibilities (above) to include attendance at all mandatory meetings, trainings, and programs
  • This position is an employee of the Honors College