Abrons Student Health Center

Crossroads Adolescent Alcohol and Other Drugs Abuse

Prevention Program

The Crossroads Adolescent Program Components

College Mentors: These are specially-trained UNCW students implement the Crossroads program in local schools and organizations. The Mentors meet weekly to prepare to lead Crossroads lessons. Crossroads College Mentors complete over 35 hours of training and must agree to a criminal background check before beginning work in schools or organizations.

Classroom Curriculum: The Crossroads curriculum includes seven lessons delivered by a team of two college mentors. Each Crossroads lesson is 45-minutes in length and is highly interactive, using games, debates, discussions and demonstrations to address the 7 prevention strategies around which Crossroads is built.

How can I reach Crossroads if I have any questions?

Please call or e-mail us at any time!
Nicole Barr
Crossroads Direct Services Coordinator