The Graduate School

UNCW Clocktower

Admitted - Online Accelerated Program (OAP)

Congratulations on your acceptance to the
Graduate School at UNCW!

  • Advisor Assignment & Advising Appointment
    Your advisor will send an email regarding your advising appointment
    • This email will be sent to the email address supplied within your graduate application. 

  • Decision Letter Review
    • Review your offer of admission through the application Self Service Portal
    • Review the term/session and program of acceptance
    • Review the residency classification
      Click HERE for more information about residency or to appeal your classification
    • Record your UNCW ID number (begins with 850)
    • Record your UNCW email email address (Official form of communication after advising appointment)

  • Registration
    Do not worry!  It is important to know that OAP courses are not available to any other group of students, so your classes are held.  Also, as an OAP student and due to the high touch advising practices, your advisor will register you for courses. As an OAP student you do not manage the registration process, but collectively, you work with your advisor around course scheduling. 

  • UNCW Email Account 
    Your UNCW email address is active within 2 business days of acceptance.  UNCW email is considered the official method of communication, so check your email account frequently.

    Check out the All About UNCW Email page to set up your UNCW email account and connect your mobile device to your UNCW email account.

  • Online Accelerated Program
    Your program may be referred to as an Online Accelerated Program, abbreviated OAP.  OAP students automatically receive an enrollment deposit upon acceptance.