Office of the General Counsel


  • While early peer-reviewed publication of results is a clear goal of academic research, public disclosure of research data of any kind, unaccompanied by a Confidential or Non-Disclosure Agreement (CDA or NDA), will compromise the protection of valuable invention/intellectual property (IP) derived from that research.
  • Following disclosure of the invention/IP to the University, and depending upon its evaluation by the institution, the University may request a delay of publication or public disclosure of any data for up to 90 days. This will permit the filing of a provisional patent application and thereby protect the invention/IP for one-year until a non-provisional is prepared and filed.
  • While the U.S. recognizes a 'grace' period of one-year from an initial public disclosure of an invention before the need to file a patent application, most foreign jurisdictions treatment of public disclosures of any data or information result in the total loss of any protection for the invention/IP in those jurisdictions.
  • Public disclosure of even a single day prior to patent filing precludes the availability of protection in most foreign countries.
  • By virtue of one's employment with the University and the UNCW Patent policy, if IP is: i) developed pursuant or attendant to federally funded research; ii) derived from the scope of work/research for which the individual is employed; or iii) utilized significant resources of the University in the generation of the IP, then the IP is required to be disclosed to the University by filing a Record of Invention.
  • The Record of Invention (ROI) can be found at the following LINK. The form may be completed electronically, printed, and returned to the Office of Technology Transfer, or completed electronically and emailed to: Dr. Stephen Meinhold..
  • The University will evaluate IP ownership, and if University wishes to pursue protection, a patent application will be prepared and filed.
  • Publication of any research finding or results may occur immediately following patent protection; U.S. filing preserves right to foreign protection for one-year.
  • Any fees or royalties derived from an invention/IP are shared with the UNCW Inventors pursuant to the Royalty Sharing formula contained in the UNCW Patent Policy (Section V) found at the following LINK.
  • If the invention or IP is produced as result of or attendant to federally funded research the University is required to make an election and notify the federal government whether it wishes to pursue IP protection, or pass on the IP and relinquish ownership to the federal funding agency (Federal Due Diligence Requirements).