Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting

October 28, 2014

2:00 � 4:00 pm

Meeting 2014-10B


The only item in the agenda is continuation of action on the AA recommendations on the Policies of Academic Freedom and Tenure.

Documents needed


         September 23 minutes.

         September 23 Senate action on responses by AA to Policies of Academic Freedom and Tenure.
Starting version for the meeting.

         Summary of action on edits proposed by AA.

o   Change probationary period from 2 to 5 years.

o   Maximum probationary period of 9 years. Referred to legal counsel.

o   Allow departments to locally define �senior members� only if CRTP consists of full professors.

o   Senior member may submit dissenting opinion if disagreement exists with dean.

o   Strike section stating that a �faculty member can be promoted at any time.�

o   Composition of senior members subject to approval by dean.

o   CRTP consists only of full professors.

o   Edit on CRTP seeking additional information or clarification.

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Gabriel Lugo, PhD

President of Faculty Senate

Department of Mathematics and Statistics


601 South College Road

Wilmington, NC 28403

(910) 962 - 3246