Faculty Senate Meeting
March 18, 20142:00 pm � 4:00 pm. Cameron 105
Meeting 2014-03

1.     Call to order.

2.     47 present � signed in (43 with clickers)

3.     Approval of January 14, 2014 minutes

4.     Individual Reports

a.      Chancellor Miller.

                                                             i.      One of many things coming from the BOG � Post Tenure Review. Miller says make it public. An important document. He expects faculty to have comments.

                                                          ii.      On budget � Tom Ross and staff back and forth with A. Pope. Still have some hope that we can get through this with no more than the 3 million dollars of reductions for which we have already planned. Ask Lanier to come and give a preview. It may be that in Raleigh there will be a meeting to support the process.

                                                       iii.      On shared services � meeting yesterday � it is an unsettling process but we are making headway and there is creative thinking going on so we can decide how things are going.

                                                        iv.      On Basketball coach. Working on new coach. If interested to know the finances to get to the place we are now we are happy to communicate that � so you can feel comfortable with the money sources to hire the Basketball coach. Media got this briefing and it became no longer a scandal. Apparently we negotiated a buy-out to terminate Peterson�s contract for $ 800,000 over two years. This is our contractual obligation. We will not structure a contract like that while he is here. He says that finding a coach might be OK because it turns out that we are considered a good opportunity for coaches.

b.      Provost Battles Report � SWOOP � Tricia Kelley BOG award for excellence in teaching. Strategic Action Planning Workgroup hard at work on plan � will get this out in the next few weeks. Four hours last week, tomorrow � final version with measures. Our mission (draft bc/of interface with system) goals, objective aligned with measures. Want everyone to look at this closely and give us the benefit of your guidance on those measures.

                                                             i.      Personnel transitions � those that are new � Larry Clark leaving. Seeking nominations for the interim Dean of CSB. Chancellor and Provost meeting with faculty next Friday to discuss.
CTE � Carrie Clements stepping down. No announcement. She will step out in August after new faculty orientation.
CRO � we will complete the second and third interviews. Please participate in the sessions.

                                                          ii.      Faculty Roles and Responsibilities and Rewards � done some benchmarking with our peer institutions. Recommended Academic Planning council revisit the policies. Wording needs work. Academic Coordinating Council will work on this with the group.

                                                       iii.      University Innovation Council � today is the campus wide innovation blitz. Three stations set up on campus � why attend UNCW? What makes us different or special? Hawks Nest, Rec Center (this morning at Port City Java in the library). Out there soliciting your ideas coming to you to make it easier for you to get to us.

c.     President of the Senate Lugo.

                                                             i.      College Articulation Agreement update � workshops on how this works, how will be implemented. No real changes from what we expected. Universal 30. Students with AA or AS students will satisfy all our lower level US requirements. Any questions about CAA?

                                                          ii.      Faculty Assembly General Education Council update � Faculty Assembly resolution � will not accept standardized testing as a graduation requirement.

                                                       iii.      Faculty Lounge � Dan Johnson, Chair Faculty Welfare Committee. Now have it � Fall 2013-Warwick Center, next to auxiliary services. Open all day every day.

                                                        iv.      Continuation of RTP revision. Reminder to read all documents in the RTP Forum including the recommendations by AA/Deans

5.      Committee Reports

a.     [Motion 2014-03-M01]  The University Studies Advisory Committee offers the following motion: That the following  US courses be added to the catalogue

                                                             i.      Writing Intensive: BIO 316 � Vertebrate Embryology

                                                          ii.      Explorations Beyond the Classroom: HST 290 � The Practice of History
Motion passes: 45 to 1

b.     [Motion 2014-03-M02]  (Continuation of 2014-02-M05) Revisions as proposed by the ad-hoc RTP committee: 2013_Faculty_Handbook_Rev_03_18_14_senate_v2

                                                             i.       Ch. IV. H (Rest of section on Evaluation of Faculty) Referred back to Steering

                                                          ii.      Ch. IV. A (Policies on Academic Freedom & Tenure)

        Article IV.b (Probationary Service)

o   Recommendations 34, 35,  Done

o    Recommendation 8:  Senior members/faculty refers to all tenured associate and full professors. Decision: a) accept, b) change to full professor only, c) leave to departments.
Alternative language proposed: The composition of senior members of faculty eligible to vote in RTP is determined by each academic department.
Discussion:-voting only by faculty at the aspirant rank or above.
Passes 89% to 11%

        Article IV.c (Procedures)

o   Recommendation 16: Deans responsible for compliance to RTP process guidelines (page 56)
Refers to the motion that each Dean is responsible for ensuring that each department in each college is in compliance with University guidelines.

o   Recommendation 27: CRTP may seek additional information. Disregard what is not in the dossier (page 56)
Clarification of language: what occurs at various stages of RTP committee � no real change of policy here.
Discussion � widespread disagreement that this is not a significant policy change.
Vote is 53 � 47%
Amendment to the amendment:
Suggested replacement motion by the Provost: �If anyone in the evaluative chain receives unsolicited information about the applicant�s candidacy, they are to disregard it in their evaluation.�
Vote is 82% to 19% sentence is added
Additional objection from the floor � can we add a sentence about the candidate being informed about the additional solicitation of information:
Amendment to the amendment:
They are to disregard this information and share the information and its source with the candidate.�
This is exposing the rat and a source of incivility � isn�t it sufficient to have the committee instructed to disregard the information and not reveal the source?
This establishes the right of discovery if it came to a hearing. This says ahead of time. Another faculty: what about protecting the source?
CRTP should not be prohibited from getting additional information.
What about senior faculty? Then they should also get additional information.
Amendment passes.

o   Recommendation 28: Clarifies language related to documentation (page 57)

o   All of Chapter IV.A (Note: Chapter IV.A sets forth the official policy of The University of North Carolina at Wilmington regarding academic freedom, rights, and responsibilities, promotion, and tenure of its faculty.)
Approved � Policy will be sent to AA effective immediately.

        Ch. IV.B Done

        Ch. IV.C Done

        Ch. IV. D � Criteria

o   D.2.a.- Recommendation 3, 39: Evaluation areas- Approved

o   D2.a  Recommendation 10: What if fewer than 3 senior faculty  (page 79) Approved

o   D.2.b.i (Evaluation Areas -Teaching)
Motion: Restore �The primary concern of the University is teaching its students. Thus teaching effectiveness is the primary criterion for reappointment, promotion and tenure.�
Discussion on why this is needed to comply with the policy manual
Motion approved.

o   D.2.b.i Recommendations 3, 17, 18: Integrate PD into the three evaluation areas  (page 79, 81) Approved

o   D.2.b.ii � More in integrating PD into shcholarship/research/artistic activities �Approved.

o   D.2.c (Mentoring  Faculty � Recommendation 36)
Replace �probationary faculty� with �tenure-track faculty� (globally). Approved.

o   Stopped here

o   D.2.d (Length of service � Recommendations 18) � done

o   D.2.e Guidelines for

o   D.3 (Additional Guidelines � Recommendation 15)

o   D.4 (Process)

                                                                                                        i.            D.4.c (External Reviews � Recommendations 20, 21, 22.)

                                                                                                      ii.            D.4.d (Process for RTP App � Recommendations 1,6,9,11-13

5.      Old Business

6.      New Business

7.      Documents

   Ad hoc RTP committee documents

   RTP Forum

8.      Announcements

9.      Adjournment