Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting
April 16, 2013
2:00 pm � 4:00 pm. EB 162
Meeting 2013-04

1.      Meeting call to order.

2.      Approval of January and February 2013 minutes

3.      Individual Reports

a.       Chancellor�s report � Yields to Chancellor Miller

Will have open meeting at 2:00 on the 22nd

Please read carefully President Ross� comments in paper today.

We have some work to do together on budget process, so that we�re not lurching from one budget to the next.

Mark Lanier has been following a number of bills, e.g., handguns on campus, consolidation of IT, and student access to legal services

3 things that are in process:

1.      Athletic Review

a.       Questions include: Do we have the right balance of types of sports fielded

b.      Recommendations to be made in May

2.      Entrepreneurship Center

a.       Action arm moved to Research Foundation, Academic arm remains in Cameron

b.      In order to make center self-sustainable, we have to connect our intellectual entrepreneurs with capital from the community

c.       Roll-out will be in fall, but some news should be coming out soon

3.      Fund Raising.  We have retained counsel to strategize how to best conduct campaigns going forward.  This is background work, and faculty will be engaged, as we move to

b.      Senate President�s report � Lugo

                  We did make a good dent in maintaining faculty control over the curriculum.  Good progress made on pathways and Gen-Ed credits

   Faculty Assembly update

o   Legislation Day held on April 03. Laurie Patterson represented UNCW for the FA delegation.

o   More CAA meeting on articulation matrices: Replace 44 core to 30 hours of guaranteed Gen-Ed credits. CC pathways structure basically unchanged

   SACS � Has come but not gone

               Overall, process went very well

               Minor Citations on:

               Some credentials

               Community Service and focus

               Citation on QEP

   Budget � Intellectual potential model

   Energy needs to be put into particle for particle to be freed.

   Students need faculty, who have been resourced properly, to help activate them to succeed academically.

4.      Committee Reports

a.       The Evaluation committee offers the following motion:
[Motion 2013-04-M01]  
That, beginning with the fall semester 2013, the Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT) student evaluation of instruction instrument be replaced for all UNCW courses by the online Diagnostic Survey Form of The IDEA Center; and further, to accomplish this change, that the Faculty Handbook be amended as indicated in the attached document

   Faculty Handbook changes

   Background information on The IDEA Center and rationale.

Two questions:

Substantively, the evaluation tool will not be used differently in terms of RTP.  Is this right?

There are two parts, a summative and formative part.  The summative part will be used for RTP.  The formative aspect will not.

The students fill out all the questions.  The faculty member chooses 12 that they want to prioritize.


Is this tool used only online?  Is there an option other than online?

Answer to online question.  I understand that mobile devices from students can be used to administer tool.

Concerns about appropriateness and validity of students evaluating faculty effectiveness.

Recommend system that focuses on peer evaluation and qualitative feedback.

I support motion.  The tool is better

The research on student teaching effectiveness is rich and varied, so different conclusions can be made.  Charge of Evaluation Committee is to replace old instrument (SPOTs) with a better tool.

I�d also like to speak in favor of the motion.  I was able to tell the instrument what was more relevant about that particular class.  Instrument is more flexible and presents richer feedback

Can time students have to perform evaluation be limited? Yes. Individual  faculty can do so.

Evaluation instrument can only be carried out electronically? Yes.


[Motion 2013-04-M01 passes]

            President Lugo: I would like to thank Ellen Gurganousfor her many years of behind-the-scenes service dealing with SPOTs

b.      The Faculty Welfare Committee offers the following motion
[Motion 2013-04-02]
Parking rates for part-time faculty

[Motion 2013-04-02 passes without dissent]

c.       The University Curriculum Committee offers the following motion
[Motion 2013-04-03] Merger of The Department of Early Childhood and Special Education (ECSE) and the Department of Elementary, Middle Level and Literacy Education (EMLLE)

[Motion 2013-04-03 passes]

5.      Steering Committee offers the following motion
[Motion 2013-04-04] To the reconstitute the senate Public Relations and Extended Education committee into a new committee as follows
Faculty Engagement and Outreach committee

a.       Duties: To advise in the planning, innovation, and operation of external applied learning programs, especially in terms of content and overall relevance of its operations to the institution and its service mission. To work with all units related to public service, extended education and public relations on improving the visibility and impact of the university on our community. To foster and publicize scholarly faculty engagement,

b.      Membership: Seven faculty members.  The ACC & Dean for Undergraduate Studies, the Executive Director for Public Relations and the chair of the Innovations Council shall be ex officio non-voting members.

Chancellor Miller.  I am responsible for the messages coming out of the University.  I sup

[Motion 2013-04-04 passes with 2/3 majority]

6.      No old business noted

7.      No new business noted

8.      For the Good of the Order


Very serious consequences.Loss of faculty.

Importance to protect academic core.

Reason we suspended current searches is to give us flexibility and time (from here to next biennium). 

Cuts are permanent in time of our careers.  We�re not getting money back.

This will be a slow recovery for education, even if economic recovery is speedier.

There will be a review of programs, and we expect the GA to be speaking about redundancy for a long time

Example of ECU in which decided to review programs themselves.

Western did that last year.

What about how we create more revenue?

Virtually any innovative approach to pedagogical delivery will be entertained.


9.      Announcement

   Designs on eLearning � CTE

   Applied Learning and Teaching Community Events � Boersma

   Unified Budget Planning- Presentation by VCBA at spring faculty meeting

               Please read thoroughly and respond with your comments

10.  Adjournment