Social Entrepreneurship at UNCW

ETEAL and Social Entrepreneurship

Congratulations to our 2016 Social Entrepreneurship Competition Teams!

On February 16th, 2016, three teams of student entrepreneurs and their faculty mentors traveled to Greensboro, NC to pitch their business plans to a panel of judges from UNC General administration, the UNC Board of Governors, local entrepreneurs, and state leaders in business among others. 27 undergraduate teams and 15 graduate teams representing the 17 campuses of the UNC system competed this year for a chance to win up to $5,000.00 to support their social entrepreneurship project. All three of our UNCW teams put forth a strong showing and one UNCW team, Special Pedals Inc., made it to the final round of judting and became the 1st runners up of the competition!

UNCW's 2016 SEC Teams

Special Thanks goes out to all of the faculty, staff, departments, and offices at UNCW who supported our 2016 Social Entrepreneurs on their journey to Greensboro! We would especially like to recognize the following individuals for their support and contributions:

  • Dr. Cathy Barlow, Interim Vice Provost & Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Stephen Harper, Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Dr. Craig Galbraith, Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Ms. Fran Scarlett, Regional Director of the Small Business Technology Development Center
  • Dr. Justine Reel, Associate Dean for Research & Innovation, CHHS
  • Mark Lanier, Assistant secretary to the Chancellor and Assistant secretary to the Board of Trustees
  • Sharon Boyd, Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Services

Meet UNCW's 2016 Social Entrepreneurship Teams

Special Pedals - 2016 UNC Social Entrepreneurship Competition 1st Runners up

Team Members: Leah Sherrill and David Morrison
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jess Boersma, Director of ETEAL and Associate Professor of World Languages and Cultures
Special Pedals Inc. is a developing business which will provide adults with disabilities with the opportunity for equal pay, hours, and job skills training. Through a Special Pedals bike shop, adults with disabilities will be able to provide convenient, timely bike repair services to UNCW students including pickup and drop off services.Special Pedals Team

Special Pedals is also receiving support from the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship's IGNITE program, which provides office space and a small operating budget to further develop their growing business.

Lythouse Labs

Team Members: Ashley Cribb
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Heidi Winslow, School of Nursing
Lythouse Labs is developing a mobile app designed to help diabetese patients manage their disease. This app will help diabetics quickly find and organize nutritional information about the products in their local grocery stories, allowing them to meet their dietary needs without having to painstakingly examine each and every nutritional label.

Lythouse Labs


Team Members: Ashley Simmons (not pictured), Samantha Santana, and David Glas
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Anirban Ray, English (not pictured)
CertainT is a mobile app which will provide tools for victims to tag the locations of campus crime or call for help with a single touch. CertainT is not only for an instant report-and-redress capability but also as a way to preserve victim conidentiality.


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More on Social Entrepreneurship

The 2015 UNC Social Entrepreneurship Competition

Two UNCW teams competed in the 2015 UNC Social Entrepreneurship Competition and while neither team placed in the final running, both teams are continuing to work toward their goals. For more information about the 2015 competition, see our coverage of the 2015 Social Entrepreneurship Competition.

Social Entrepreneurship at UNCW

ETEAL, in partnership with CIE, the SBTDC, the office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor, and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor, provides support for students and faculty developing social entrepreneurship projects and ideas. In addition to competing at the annual UNC Social Entrepreneurship Competition, there are a number of other social entrepreneurship and business plan workshops, competitions, and events offered throughout the year. Check out our Social Entrepreneurship Page and be sure to follow ETEAL on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates on Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities!