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Connect to UNCW

The university is committed to our relationships with our community partners. Community volunteers help support our mission by speaking to classes and student groups, welcoming students into community organizations as part of service-learning courses, participating in research led by faculty and student scholars, and serving as volunteers at our many on-campus athletic, artistic, and educational events. The university tries to be a good partner as well, providing its facilities for community events, offering expertise to meet community needs, doing service projects with community organizations, and presenting educational, recreational, and artistic programming to improve community members' quality of life. 

Below are opportunities to connect yourself to the university.

Learn: Continuing, Lifelong, and Professional Education Opportunities

UNCW has numerous educational opportunities available to the public beyond its traditional academic degree programs. You can learn more about these opportunities by browsing the following links:

  • Youth Programs offers summer camp style learning experiences to the youth in our community

Find Partners for Your Organization

Faculty, staff, and students regularly volunteer in the community. We welcome opportunities to partner with organizations in our community.

If you are looking for student volunteers specifically, please send a request to the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (OSLE) at engage@uncw.edu.

To advertise a volunteer opportunity to faculty and staff, or if you have a project and need a University employee to partner with, please send your request to communityengagement@uncw.edu.

Become a University Volunteer

Whether you would like to spend time with new students as part of our annual "Move-In Day" events, speak to a class, or serve as an usher for one of the outstanding performances at Kenan Auditorium.

To become a departmental volunteer, we recommend you contact departments directly to determine their needs and ensure they align with what you are interested in assisting with.

Reconnect to Your Seahawk Spirit

The UNCW Alumni Association engages alumni in the life of the university and its students through regional, affinity, reunion, student and career-based programs. As we inform alumni of ways to connect with one another and the campus community, we welcome them to get involved as alumni event participants, volunteers, mentors, employers, and ambassadors; and we encourage them to remain invested in UNCW by giving back philanthropically.