Instructional Support

  • Enhance Me
    ETU will review your online or face-to-face course and make suggestions on best practices and specific technologies that might enhance the course.
  • Going green is the new Black…Blackboard
    ETU can help you take your face-to-face course or a new course and get it functioning in Blackboard.
  • TaskStream Integrate
    ETU will review your course(s) and make suggestions on ways you could integrate TaskStream to enhance communication and guide lesson planning.
  • Assist Me
    The Assistive Tech Center offers devices that can be used for instruction.

Web and Print Support

  • Remake me
    ETU can look at your web site and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Set up my site
    All faculty/staff have a personal website available. We take you from concept to final product in developing a web site that meets your needs.
  • Get out the info
    Create a custom email, put something on our WCE Facebook page, add department/course information to the monitors downstairs, etc.
  • Hear ye! Hear ye!
    Need a magaine, a flyer, a poster, a postcard? We can design that for you!

Technology Tools

  • There is an app for that
    ETU can share with you some of the most commonly used applications, tips, and tricks on the iPad, as well as some best practices for implementing these devices to enhance your lessons and productivity.
  • Lending Library
    ETU has an extensive lending library that faculty/staff can check out and use for use in their courses, like an iPad cart or a laptop cart, as well as a plethora of other fun technologies.