Course Specific Lesson Plans - Part 2



Mojo's Musical Museum
A database of kid's song lyrics

This Day in Music History
Daily music facts

Physical Education

Education World: PE
Ideas and activities for planning a themed field day.

PE Preschool Lesson Plans
A long list of PE activities


Alphabet Activities

Classic Stories Online
MP3 audio books that you read while listening to

Clifford's Interactive Storybook
A phonics game for young readers.

I'm Reading!
Short stories and plays for young readers
 All About Beatrix Potter & Peter Rabbit
Beatrix Potter stories, pictures, and animated games
Literacy Centers
How to form reading/writing centers for kindergarten

A Guide to Reader's Theater
A method of getting students to read through use of oral script reading.

Reading Recovery
Literacy program improvement plan for low-achieving first graders

Strategies for Teaching Reading in the Middle School

Wired for Books
Online audio books for all reading levels


Science activities for select topics like "light" and "space."

ExploreLearning offers a catalog of modular, interactive simulations in math and science for teachers and students in grades 6-12 called Gizmos.


The Globe Program
GLOBE provides assistance through training at professional development workshops, Teacher's Guide, "how-to" videos, and other materials.

How Stuff Works

The JASON Project
The JASON Project is dedicated to inspiring a passion for life-long learning in science through innovative, technology-rich middle grade educational programs.

Kid's Do-It-Yourself Science
Links to great science projects

Kid's Science Projects
Projects listed by level of difficulty

Middle School Science
A site geared specifically towards Middle School Science Curriculums. Lesson plan subjects range from Chemistry, Physics, Earth, and Life Sciences

Nemo Explorer
Allows students to explore a seafloor observatory geographically or by topic. Learn about seafloor animals, hydrothermal vents, mid-ocean ridges, axial volcano, lava flow, & technology & tools. Operate (remotely) a vehicle that takes you to the seafloor near an active submarine volcano. Explore black smoker vents, new lava flows, & unusual life forms. (NOAA)

NSTA (National Science Teacher's Association) High School Classroom

ReviseWise: Science
Activities, worksheets, and tests for ages 4-11

Science Fair Projects
Project ideas and lists of supplies

Science Preschool Activities and Crafts

Solar System Simulator

Teachnet: Science
A list of science lesson plans and activities in the categories of: general, biology, earth, physics, technology, dinosaurs, scientific method, space and time, weather, and animals.

WISE: Web-based Inquiry Science Environment
Free, inquiry-based set of capstone projects for science 5-12 classes from Berkeley. Sign-in required.

Social Studies

Globalization 101
Topics include culture, development, environment, trade, immigration, and international law among others.

Lesson Plans and Resources
A site specifically created for social studies teachers. Includes lesson plan outlines, and additional social studies resources.

State Department for Kids
Resources to teach world foreign affairs.

The World Factbook
Everything you need to know about the world you can find in The World Factbook, from weights and measures to country profiles and flags.


Accelerated Math Program
Information on the AM program, and how it works. There is also a link to see how Accelerated Math aligns with your state's standards.

Back to School Technology Activities

Technology integrated lesson plans that support standards-based curriculum topics

One to One Computing: Lessons Learned and Pitfalls to Avoid
An article on the pros and cons of students and technology


ABC's of the Writing Process
A list of links of graphic organizers

Graphic Organizer Makers
Tools to help make and design different organizers like webs, charts, and ven diagrams
How to Start a Writer's Workshop

Interactive Writing
Explains what interactive writing is and how to use it effectively

Word Walls
A support for literacy in secondary school classrooms
Write Your Own Life Activity