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The Fall 2009 Roy E. Harkin Teacher Recognition Award Recipient

Fran AntinoriCongratulations to PDS Partnership Teacher/Site Coorinator Recipient Fran Antinori from Dixon Elementary School, Onslow County, 1st Grade Classroom Teacher!

Ms. Antinori states that playing a part in the development of young teachers has been one of her greatest pleasures in life. She thrives on their energy, their enthusiasm, and the new ideas they bring to her own teaching. She makes it clear to young teachers that she is their coach, their mentor, their sounding board and their friend. She endeavors to have young teachers in her care see the big picture of education and encourage having family and teachers partner together to make learning happen.

The Spring 2009 Roy E. Harkin Teacher Recognition Award Recipient

Congratulations to PDS Partnership Teacher Recipient Sheri Dodson, 7th Grade Mathematics Teacher from Burgaw Middle School, Pender County!

The recipient of this year's award is a first time partnership teacher who experienced a somewhat challenging mentoring role. Though her intern described himself as "an insult to education" as he began his classroom experience, this partnership teacher saw something worth cultivating and investing in. The site coordinator noted that through the recipients own teaching experience and personal standards of excellence; she has enabled another educator to have a positive impact on students.

The story of the relationship between this year's recipient and her intern reminded the university supervisor of the legend of the starfish, in which a young boy continued day after day to walk the beach and throw stranded starfish back into the water so they wouldn't die. When asked, "Do you really think that what you are doing is going to make a difference?" He replied, "It makes a difference to that one." Sheri Dodson made that difference for Anthony, her intern. In Anthony's words, "In giving her a nominal 16 weeks, she gave me the rest of my life."