MAT Field Experiences

The Master of Arts in Secondary Education program provides interns with intensive high school field experience during both the fall and spring semesters.

Campus Program

High School Field Experience (Student Teaching I and Student Teaching II)

Phase 1: September – October

  • Assigned partnership teacher in discipline area
  • 3 mornings per week (including Wednesday), 3 hours each day
  • Observe, assist, tutor, teach mini-lessons, teach 3 x 90-minute lessons

Phase 2: October-December

  • 5 mornings per week, 3 hours each day
  • Develop teaching skills to be able to take responsibility for teaching one block - 10/17 - 12/7
  • Need to have 2 weeks worth of plans developed and approved prior to taking over responsibility for teaching one block

Full-time Spring Internship: January-April

  • Full-time internship in placement site
  • 5 full days
  • Assume responsibility for teaching two blocks
  • Phase out of teaching two blocks (end of March) continue to teach one block
  • Observation and assisting in an ESL setting