About Grants

Faculty at Watson College of Education are active in bringing in funding for educational research and program development.  Collaboration across disciplines to attain grants has led to improvements in local and regional K-12 schools and higher education. In addition, many programs and research funded by grants has strengthened the knowledge base in the field of education.

The Benefits:

As faculty members of Watson College of Education, we are encouraged and assisted in the process of applying for money that public and private agencies provide to fund research and program development. Obviously, bringing in millions of dollars to UNCW and the Watson College of Education is beneficial. However, beyond the financial gains, there are many more benefits that accompany the grant writing process.

In addition to receiving money to pay for salaries, supplies and travel, applying for grants is instrumental in developing your career and strengthening your CV. Writing a grant proposal provides an opportunity to clarify your area of research interest as you develop the proposal. When you collaborate with other faculty during the proposal writing process, the amount of work is shared as your professional network expands and you strengthen professional relationships.

The Process:

The process of searching for funding opportunities and writing a grant proposal is an intense but worthwhile endeavor. There are several steps to consider before submitting your proposal. Developing ideas and getting support are the first steps. Once you’ve developed your idea, contact The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance (SPARC) for support in finding funding and assistance with the writing and submission process.

Who to contact for help throughout the process:

  • The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance is responsible for negotiating, accepting and overseeing externally funded programs. SPARC supports your efforts to find funding for your research and other projects and the development of your proposal. Please contact UNCW's Proposal Development Manager to discuss your proposal and planned submission.