Future Teachers Career Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FTCA?

The Future Teachers Career Academy at Isaac Bear Early College High School is a small learning community for high school students interested in a career in teaching. The innovative program is designed to attract and prepare future teachers to make a positive difference for children. FTCA participants are Isaac Bear High School students who have identified teaching as their career goals, so their high school experiences will be directed towards a future career in teaching.

What are the goals for the Future Teachers Career Academy?

FTCA is established to encourage and support future teachers, even from their first days in high school. With opportunities to mentor, volunteer, and experience education from many points of view, FTCA guides high school students to become leaders in their classrooms and schools. FTCA is also designed to lift the profession of teaching in all respects.


What are the benefits of participating in FTCA?

  • Work toward your dream of becoming a teacher from your first year in high school
  • Receive early advisor support in preparing your path through high school, college and employment, towards your goal of a degree in education
  • Transfer UNCW coursework towards your Watson College of Education education degree
  • Plan and design your high school project around an education topic or issue
  • Attend seminars in educational topics
  • Visit innovative schools and education initiatives around the region, state and nation
  • Receive priority consideration for acceptance into Watson College of Education (with successful IBEC, UNCW university studies and required exam scores)
  • Receive priority consideration to teach in New Hanover County Schools for IBEC/FTCA graduates who also graduate with teacher licensure from UNCW’s Watson College of Education (or other North Carolina teacher preparation institution)

How will FTCA operate as part of IBEC?

FTCA participants are Isaac Bear Early College High School students. FTCA requirements for coursework, high school graduation credits and attendance are the same as for Isaac Bear Early High School. Additionally, FTCA students will have an EDN designated seminar on Friday afternoons, have after school tutoring/volunteering requirements, be paired with a master teacher mentor, serve as a mentor for young students, and/or participate in visits to different kinds of schools through their ninth and tenth grade years. These opportunities and requirements will be in addition to their requirements at IBEC.