Students have the option to complete their internship at another institution. Pictured above: DJ Stroud, Class of 2020, at his internship at Harvard University.

Internship Requirement & CIP

All students must complete at least one internship to fulfill program requirements. The M.Ed in Higher Education program and the Career Center have partnered to provide structure and reflection for students completing the internship requirement. Students enrolled in the M.Ed. in Higher Education program at UNCW will participate in the Certified Internship Program (CIP) while they complete their internship.

Internship Requirement

The internship requirement in the M.Ed. in Higher Education differs based on your employment. If you are employed part-time at 20 hours per week in a Graduate Assistantship, you must complete an internship with 150 contact hours as well as the CIP. If you are emplyed full-time in a professional role in Higher Education, you must complete an internship with 100 contact hours along with the CIP. If you are not employed in Higher Education, you must complete two internships with 150 contact hours each and one CIP. If you participate in the international internship at Maynooth University, you do not need to complete the CIP. Your internship may be completed virtually.


Internship Examples

The internship requirement is designed to be flexible, with the goal of ensuring students graduate with meaningful professional experience connected to their career goals. The program does not secure an internship for students, but rather provides advice and support while students seek out internship opportunities. Several professional organizations, including NODA and ACUHO-I, operate summer internship opportunities at institutions across the country. However, students are not required to do their internship at another institution. Many students do internships at UNCW or at the institutions where they are employed. In such cases, it is important that the internship site be in a clearly different office or functional area, in line with the student’s career goals. Internships can also be completed virtually or at a distance as long as it involves working on a meaningful project that advances the student’s skills and knowledge. Students should consult with the program coordinator as they begin considering internship options.

Internship Approval and Sign-off

Prior to beginning their internship, students should complete the Internship Approval Form and have it signed by the program coordinator and internship supervisor. 

Internship Approval Form

After completion of the internship, students must complete and turn in the Internship Sign-off form. This form requires a signature from the internship supervisor certifying that students completed the required hours.

Internship Sign-off Form

How to Enroll in the CIP

  • Step One: Secure an internship/practicum site. You may find new opportunities via the weekly newsletter sent to all program candidates. For any assistance in securing an internship, please meet with the higher education faculty, or visit the Career Center at UNCW.
  • Step Two: Enroll by completing the application on the CIP website. The program structure for M.Ed Higher Education students is very similar to the traditional CIP, with a few modifications that will be explained during an orientation session. Deadlines to apply for the CIP can be found on the CIP website.