Internships & Directed Independent Study

Internships give students in-depth experience in settings that are not possible within the university classroom. Students may participate in an international study abroad internship or may select from two other options that include a focus on: government institutions or educational organizations. All internships are carefully planned and completed under the guidance of a university faculty member.

Students in the Ed.D. Program must complete internships as indicated in the Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Administration, and Higher Education program of study. The internship requirement may differ within each specialization. Additional internships may be taken as electives. Internships are offered throughout the semesters including summers.  

EDL 661 Education/Government Internship (3 credits)

This course is a focused internship for candidates who are placed in an educational or government setting to intensively study innovation, leadership styles, and data-driven decision-making.

EDL 664 International Internship (3 credits)

This course is designed to provide first-hand international experiences in observing and analyzing diverse cultures and philosophies and how they impact educational decisions in international educational settings. Contact your program coordinator for a listing of approved travel destinations to fulfill this requirement.

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EDL 691 Directed Independent Study (2-3 credits)

Students may elect to work directly with a faculty member on a project or research of mutual interest in an independent study. Faculty must complete paperwork prior to students enrolling in EDL 691. Contact faculty directly to arrange for independent studies. Only one independent study is available per degree program.