Partnership Teacher and Supervisor Support

Partnership teachers serve an important role in the future of education and are key individuals in mentoring student interns in their classrooms. The edTPA is an embedded assessment that will occur during the internship semester. Teacher candidates will have access to handbooks, rubrics, and resources to complete the assessment.  We have provided a few resources that will be useful to support and guide pre-service teachers.

 The edTPA Cooperating Teachers brochure offers information and guidance to P-12 teachers as they partner with preparation programs to support candidates completing edTPA in their local contexts.

 The edTPA Guidelines for Acceptable Candidate Support is a resource for faculty, clinical supervisors, and cooperating teachers working with candidates who are completing edTPA. This video also provides details on the acceptable support you can provide.

 The Making Good Choices Guide will guide critical decision-making to successfully complete edTPA tasks.