Educator Preparation Effectiveness Reports

The Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Data Operations collects, manages, and reports on data associated with measurable outcomes of the mission of the college and programs that prepare educators. These data are used to examine the effectiveness of our educator preparation programs (EPPs) for planning and decision-making aimed at improvement of outcomes for students, and of the impact of our graduates on the learning experiences of their students. This annual report is provided to stakeholders engaged in the continuous improvement of WCE initial educator preparation programs with an overview of key data.

This summary report is organized along the educator career continuum; presenting key data related to admissions, initial educator preparation, beginning years of teaching, and ending with advanced years of teaching. Data are also presented longitudinally, including results from the three most recent years.

2019-2020 Annual Data Report (.pdf)

2018-2019 Annual Data Report (.pdf)