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Modular Learning

What is Modular Learning?

A bite sized approach to learning leading to a certificate of completion and a portable digital badge from UNCW. These non-credit learning options will help you learn a skill today that you can apply tomorrow.

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Available Options

  •  Budgeting & Financial Decision Making *("Fundamentals of Leadership")
    • Focuses on budgeting and financial management in public and nonprofit organizations. Much of the content is also relevant to practitioners in private, for-profit sector organizations, but some variation exists in accounting standards and reporting between the sectors. Topics include an introduction to accounting fundamentals, budgeting, financial statement and trend analysis, and financial and capital health. - 18 clock hours/1.8 CEU's
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation *("Fundamentals of Leadership")
    • At the end of this module participants will be able to navigate a high stakes conversation by preparing themselves, creating a safe environment, and staying focused on goals and outcomes needed for the encounter to be successful. - 18 clock hours/1.8 CEU's
  • Introduction to Esports 
    • An overview of esports. It should provide you with a foundation to esports so you will understand the industry, the potential career paths, and how it will influence the future of tech and gaming.  - 18 clock hours/1.8 CEU's
  • High Impact Practices (coming soon)
  • Strategic Leadership *("Fundamentals of Leadership")
    • Introduces the primary elements of the strategic management process, and the role of strategic leadership, in designing and executing the organization’s strategic goals. - 18 clock hours/1.8 CEU's

  • Team Management *("Fundamentals of Leadership")
    • Explores the functions of groups and when group decision making is appropriate and more advantageous than having single individuals (e.g., executive, manager, supervisor) make the decision.  It also explores the differences between groups and teams, the elements of effective teams, the steps that managers and organizational leaders should take to support and maintain effective work teams, the challenges that can limit the effectiveness of groups and teams, as well as some of the steps that can be taken to avoid these problems. - 18 clock hours/1.8 CEU's

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* Completion of these (4) modules awards a bundle certificate and cumulative portable digital badge in "Fundamentals of Leadership."