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CIE Secures Material Design for Bootstrap for Student Innovators

by Sarah Ritter on April 16, 2017

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The CIE and the UNCW Hackathon are proud to announce a new partnership with MDB, Material Design for Bootstrap.

Google has created a Material Design to make the web more beautiful and more user-friendly.

Twitter has created a Bootstrap to support you in faster and easier development of responsive and effective websites.

MDB presents a framework containing the best features of both of them--Material Design for Bootstrap.

MDB has agreed to provide free professional software licenses to student innovators building websites or web applications at the UNCW CIE or UNCW Hackathon. In addition to the professional web UI toolkit, MDB Academy, students will also get to access free video tutorials so they can learn how to build a professional bootstrap website.

This partnership with MDB is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on learning opportunity for students. It will allow students to build their skillsets for some of the highest-paying software development jobs in the country. The MDB partnership will also complement our applied learning program, where students from UNCW work with startups to foster innovation in southeastern North Carolina.

Students must be involved with the UNCW Hackathon or the UNCW CIE to access the licenses and software. To get involved with app building at the CIE and receive access to a license, please contact Sarah Ritter at To get involved with the Hackathon, read below.

The UNCW IoT Hackathon

The UNCW Hackathon is an annual event that brings together faculty, engineers, and students majoring in engineering, computer science, or information systems to develop projects related to marine life science. Students will work with microcomputers and microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Students will use these kits to build innovative IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

IoT Hackathon

Learn more about the Hackathon here. Preregistration for the November 2017 Hackathon is open--click here to preregister. If you are interested in sponsoring the UNCW Hackathon, please contact Laura Brogdon at or Chris Krumm ad

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