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Kudos, Grants, Publications and Community Engagement Projects

CHHS: Staff Award for Excellence Nominees

Congratulations to staff members Patty Fox (CHHS), Carol Way (SHAHS) and Sarah White (CHHS) for being nominated for the 2016 Staff Award for Excellence and recognized for exemplary service at the September 14 event! Each nominee received a framed certificate and three days of additional vacation time.

School of Nursing


1: Congratulations to Laurie Badzek, Beth Gazza and Beth Oyarzun for being selected as recipients of the Effective Practice Award by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) and invited to present their applied learning work at the conference! The award recognizes work in online education. OLC is a national profession organization dedicated to advancing quality online learning around the world. To read the full UNCW article, click here.

2: Congratulations to School of Nursing faculty Carol Heinrich, Nancy Ahern and April Matthias for being awarded a $33,100 grant from the North Carolina Area Health Education Center! To read the full UNCW article, click here.

School of Health and Applied Human Sciences


1: Grace Candler-Miller, an Alumni of the Exercise Science program, was published as an undergrad. Grace and Dr. Wayland Tseh published an article titled Effectiveness of TENS on Quadriceps Muscular Endurance during Weight Bearing Exercise. The article was published in the Annals of Sports Medicine and Research. Grace is now at Duke as a first-semester DPT student. Way to go, Grace! To be published as an undergrad is very special!

2: On September 6, Dr. Wayland Tseh received the Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence award for this year. Way to go, Wayland!


On September 1, Dr. Candy Ashton-Forrester was awarded a $75,000 grant, Grants for Adaptive Sports Programs for Disabled Veterans and Disabled Members of the Armed Forces, from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to increase and expand adaptive sport opportunities for disabled Veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces at the community, regional and national levels. Dr. Ashton is the principal investigator of the project. The project period is from September 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017.

SHAHS Publications & Community Engagement Projects

Congratulations to the School of Health and Applied Human Sciences faculty who have published works and community engagement projects this year! Below is a list of their accomplishments. Way to go!


1: Pastor, D. K., Kolomer, S. R., Ashton, C., et al. (July, 2016). Using interactive theater to improve provider-family communication and promote interprofessional education and practice in palliative care. Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice.

2: Fugate-Whitlock, E. I. (Published online, August 11, 2016). “How does the small picture relate to the bigger picture?” (9th ed., vol. 37). Philadelphia, PA: Health Care for Women International. dx.doi.org/10.1080/07399332.2016.1222800.

3: Sharma, M., Catalano, H. P., Nahar, V., Lingham, V., Ford-Wade, A., & Johnson, P. (August 10, 2016). Using multi-theory model to predict initiation and sustenance of small portion size consumption among college students. Health Promotion Perspectives, 6(3), 137-144. doi:10.15171/hpp.2016.22.

Community Engagement Projects

1: Gray, C., Ashton, C., Kelejian, H. (Ability Garden at the New Hanover County Arboretum), Jennings, L. (Lake Forest Academy). The effect of a school-based gardening program for youth at risk.

2: Johnson, D.E. and Crowe, B. Impact of a fitness program on persons with intellectual disabilities at the Miracle Field (G.A.M.E.S.). September through November, 2016.

3: Dr. Hannah P. Catalano recently collaborated with faculty from the Watson College of Education to provide professional development to Head Start/NC Pre-K teachers and teacher assistants employed in Duplin County. Specifically, Hannah provided professional development training in the areas of physical activity promotion and nutrition education.

4: Dr. Hannah Catalano and Dr. Lenis Chen-Edinboro had SURCA students who completed research projects with them as mentors this summer. Olivia Nace did research on the presence of pets and stress in survivors of intimate partner violence and Mariah L. M. Smith did research related to HPV. Both students will present at a fall student research showcase later in the semester.